All summer I have been kicking myself for leaving my friends box set in London but it’s all good cause less than 3 weeks I’ll be there and moving into my new flat hopefully!



I’m Not Your Sassy Black Friend

Time and time again I’ve had (white) friends take advantage of my moments of anger, my moments of feeling fabulous or my moments of being a smart-ass and turn it into a Sassy Black Friend moment. They supply my rants with exaggerated shouts of “say it girl” and my confident preening with “right on sista” and so on. They start talking in a tone that just sounds like they’ve watched a few episodes of Maury and decided that that is what all black girls sound like and they start acting like it’s funny to use their slang and accents in some weird moment of solidarity.

It’s not funny. It’s not cute. It’s not appreciated.

And it’s not a damn complement

Stop labeling charismatic black girls as “sassy”. Like for fucking real. Just because we ain’t got the personality of a rock like y’all do doesn’t mean we’re “sassy”. Or that we’re not allowed to have/show emotions without being labeled as such.

(via kindofcomplicated)